Add Yoga to Your Routine for Injury Recovery & Prevention: Local Nashville Yoga Studios to Try

We recently posted about the 10 benefits of starting a daily stretching routine – Consistent stretching has a ton of benefits from helping you feel better physically, increasing mobility, reducing pain, and preventing injuries.

“A daily regimen will deliver the greatest gains” –  Harvard Health

One way to start adding more stretching into your day is by checking out a local Yoga studio.  Yoga is a great way to stretch your limbs and increase your flexibility, in addition to the many benefits it has for those dealing with injury recovery.


Research says that “Stress  been shown to be one of the factors leading to musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs) such as: include back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder or neck tension, eye strain, or headaches and 

Yoga…can reduce stress and relieve muscular tension or pain.”

So if you are feeling tight or suffering from muscle tension or pain, adding in yoga could be a great answer for you.

Still not convinced? Check out the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s comments on yoga  – “yoga can be beneficial to injury recovery”.   But, always remember to check with your health care provider before starting any new exercise or stretch routines.

Since we are a local Nashville company, we wanted to share some studios that are in our area.  If you live in Nashville, please check out the list below.

Here are some of our favorite local Nashville yoga studios:


We hope these resources help you get your stretch on, Nashville!



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What Tools do Patients Need to Optimize Injury Recovery?

A report by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons notes that 1 in 2 Americans (~127 million people) are affected by a musculoskeletal condition – conditions and injuries affecting the bones, joints and muscles. This large patient population necessitates a growing provider network that is supported by many new tech-based solutions. These advancements are undoubtedly improving patient treatment and patient experience; however, since these products are being built for providers, are the voices and needs of patients truly being heard and addressed by these new tools?

Likely, the answer is no. Patients still suffer from many physical and mental challenges during their recovery process. To combat these problems and further improve the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, the role of mental health, behavioral change, and self-management must be further explored and implemented.  Patients must be empowered with tools that encourage motivation and positivity, and that help them stay on top of their treatment plan; and those tools need to be available electronically.

Injury Recovery Infograph

Written by: Rachel Soper Sanders, CEO & Founder at Tiyaga Health