3 Ways to Feel More Satisfied and Valued at Work When You Are Injured or in Pain

The 4th installment of our Six Dimensions of Wellness series in here! We want to talk about how to maintain occupational wellness.  In other words, how do you stay satisfied with your work and continue to feel valued even when you are injured or in pain and not able to do everything that you used to do.

When we are injured or in pain, we are not at our best.  And when we are not at our best, work often suffers.

And that is not because we don’t want to do our best at work, but sometimes it is just not possible to do the work in the same way when are not feeling physically well.

When the work suffers, sometimes people must move positions or start working part time, leading to dissatisfaction with work and / or not feeling as valued as before.  These aspects of life – feeling satisfied with what you are doing and feeling valued – are an extremely important part of overall wellness, so it is critical to find ways to get those feelings back.

Despite all the work-related challenges that individuals face when injured or in pain, there are still ways to use your skills to contribute to society in a way that makes you feel satisfied and valued.  Here are 3 suggestions we have found that work well:

1. Share Your Skills in a New Way.

Everyone has a skill or an expertise that can be valued by someone else.  Maybe you can share your skills as a part-time consultant, or find work on a site like upwork.com, freelancer.com, or Catalant.  Or you could look into volunteering for an organization or a church group that could benefit from your skills, or even just your companionship and time.

2. Explore a Side Project.

Have you always wanted research a topic, start a business, or become an artist?  Why not explore that side project now? This will allow you to build new functional skills that you can employ elsewhere, or even help you start a new career that you really enjoy.

 3. Share Your Voice.

No matter the injury or the person, everyone has unique experiences and has a unique voice.  Why not share that voice by starting a blog, writing a book, or even joining a community where your voice can be heard.  Check out the Active Injury Recovery Support Group on Facebook.

If you try any of these ideas, let us know! Or do you have any additional ideas as to how to feel satisfied and valued with your work even if you are not working the same way you used to.  Please comment here or on our Facebook page.

Are you someone who has exercises and/or stretches you are supposed to be doing everyday, but always seem to forget? Let us help you remember, and help you start feeling better fast! Sign up via facebook messenger here or for our SMS text service here.

Wishing you a pain-free and fast recovery!

The Tiyaga Health Team


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