Inspiration from the Tour de France: Tips and Tricks to Help Prevent and Manage Cycling Injuries.

All of us here at Tiyaga Health have really been caught up in the Tour de France cycling race this year! So, we decided to share helpful prevention and recovery resources specifically for cycling related injuries!

The most common cycling injuries are:

These common cycling injuries can be improved or even prevented by strengthening and stretching exercises. We found these online articles to be great resources to learn how to manage and prevent cycling-related injuries!

  1. How to Prevent the 6 Most Common Cycling Injuries is a great resource to learn more details about the most common cycling injuries, and how to prevent them.
  2. How to Avoid Lower Back Pain While Cycling tells you all about the likely causes of back pain (it comes down to bike fit, core muscle stability, and riding style), and how to prevent it in the future!
  3. How To Recover From Fear After Injury: Fight or Flight? talks all about the challenges of coming back from a cycling crash, with extra emphasis on the mental barriers and how to overcome them and confidently return to the saddle.
  4. 5 Ways to Speed up Recovery from Cycling Injuries does just what is says, offering some great tips to quicken your recovery (Spoiler! It all boils down to rest, bike setup, self-care, physiotherapy, and building fitness back up slowly)
  5. Avoiding Injury – 9 Stretches for Cyclists offers physiotherapist recommended exercises designed to help increase your flexibility and strengthen your muscles to prevent common cycling injuries

We really hope that these resources help you more easily and quickly get back to cycling and to your optimal physical and mental health! As entertaining as the Tour de France is, its nothing to the actual ride itself! Here’s to getting you back on the bike, ASAP!

-The Tiyaga Health Team

Struggling with an injury and in physical therapy? Let us help! Our customized exercise reminders keep you on track with your exercises and help jumpstart your recovery!

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